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About Us @MTLXI

Our Ethics and Trade Committee

Jonathan Lyng - Commissioner 

Nick Milack - Board Trustee

Matt Tresnak - Board TREStee

Together the board will discuss all sketch trades and illegal activity. 

Meet our Commissioner

Jonathan is a 28 year old fantasy genius. He wants to improve our league by having the owners more apart of the process and decision making. He is looking forward to improving the league and adding exciting new features

Off Season

The offseason has officially begun. Jonathan will officially become commish January 1st and will immediately start construction. Decisions WILL be made be the end of January. 

Proposed Changes

Adding a Second QB roster spot

Adding a second starting QB roster spot could be an exciting change for the league. This would allow more QB's to be utilized with more strategy and planning  going into upcoming bye weeks. Right now we basically use and start 10 QB's out of the 32 starting QBs in the league. Just because 1 Quarterback starts per team in the NFL doesn't mean we should limit our rosters to only 1 spot. A perfect example would be the RB position. There is one starting RB (per nfll team) and 32 starting RB's around the league but yet we are allowed to start a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 RB's per week. It is time we use QB's in the same way. 

Adding IR Spots

This was voted mid season last year but we need to revisit the issue. The NFL has recently changed their IR policy which hurts our league. The NFL can now put a certain amount of players on IR knowing that they are going to come back mid way through the season. I believe we should have 1 maybe 2 IR spots. This would allow our owners to place a player on IR without losing a roster spot. The new NFL rule makes it easier for NFL teams to put a player on IR. Without a IR spot it makes certain teams less competitive because they are waiting for a player to return with having less available players on there bench especially with bye weeks. The vote would be for 0,1 or 2 IR spots.

Changing the way Defenses our scores

This change NEEDS to happen. Right now the defenses are scored by the amount of points the other team scores. NOT THE OTHER TEAMS OFFENSE. This means if the QB (Carson palmer) throws a pick six the cardinals defense (number 1 EVER) is penalized for Carsons mistake. How does this make sense when Carson doesn't even play defense. Thats like saying a safety can take away points from a QB. Instead I am proposing a defense is scored based on the yards they give up. Everyone knows a defense is judged on total yards anyway. In the same example above if Carson throw a pick six this wouldn't affect the cards defense. 

Making week 17 worth $$

This change would make week 17 worth some money.(Mexico is paying for it) Week 17 would pay the highest points earner for the week. So if you are having a bad season you can make trades and pick up players based on week 17 match ups and still have a chance to win money. Winner will receive between 50-1000$ 

Making MTL a PPR League

This is self-explanatory. Either we keep it to 0, .5, or 1 point per reception. This would make Sunday and Monday night more exciting. 


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